How to Install a Security Screen Door

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How to Install a Security Screen Door

12 August 2016
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Security screen doors can come in various designs and colors. They differ in ways that can offer you additional security and privacy. If you are looking for a door to withstand force, you will want a steel door. However, if you are not in a high risk area and are merely looking to keep the bugs out, you may find that you prefer an aluminum security door.

Step One: Measure 

Carefully measure all four sides of the door frame. Make sure you know which side you want to be hinged. It can often be easier to have the hinges on the same side as the hinges of the door you have already installed.

Step Two: Select Your Door

Once you have measured and made decisions about the side you want hinged, you need to go and view your options. Talk with someone at the store who can help you shop specifically for your needs. Going to a store that specializes in home improvement is better than simply a supersized store with a wide variety of items as you will have more informed personnel in the former. You may also wish to talk with someone who works in security to get some inside feedback on what type of security screen doors are really the safest. Once you are confident in your decision, make a purchase.

Step Three: Install the Door

Carefully read the instructions before you begin and assure that you have all the tools and parts necessary to complete the project. If the handles and locks are not already attached, make sure that you are attaching them on the correct side according to where the door will be hinged. You do not want to accidentally hinge them onto the inside of the screen door.

Screw the hinges onto the door first and make sure that your measurements are precise as this part of the task is very important. Cut the Z bar a bit smaller than the length of the doorway with a hack saw. You will then need someone to sustain the door while you drill the screws into the hinges and through the doorway (remember to leave a small space at the bottom). Once again, this step will need to be precise. Use a screwdriver to install the header piece (it should come with pre-marked holes). Last of all, slide the expander piece onto the bottom of the door while it is open to protect your home against dirt.