How to Choose Window Treatments for Small Spaces

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How to Choose Window Treatments for Small Spaces

28 March 2017
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Window treatments for small spaces can be a challenge; you may like the look of large and regal curtains, but these can overwhelm the space and literally get in the way. On the other hand, you may not want something industrial and dull for your home windows either. To choose the right window treatment for a small space, note a few quick tips to consider and some suggestions to check when you're ready to shop.


Blinds are very compact and can work well in a small space, but consider the style of blinds you choose. Vertical blinds are long, vertical slats that are installed from above the windows, and they usually hang to the floor. These can be made of fabric versus metal or vinyl for a soft look. Because the slats close flat against the window, they can take up less space than curtains while still offering a cosier look than other window treatments.

Plantation blinds are standard horizontal slats that are installed inside the window frame; opt for wood slats for a homey look or vinyl slats for rooms with high humidity, as wood might absorb that moisture and get soft. Because plantation blinds are installed inside the window frame, they're especially good for windows that sit right behind furniture, as the window treatments won't get in the way or get caught behind a sofa or chair.


If you do want curtains in your small space, look for panel tracks. These are singular, square-shaped pieces that don't billow out into the room. They are installed on two tracks, one above and one below the window, which help to keep the panels straight and rigid. To open these curtains, you simply slide the panel to the side rather than tying it back. You can add two or more panels on either side of the window for more fabric and depth; these slide behind each other when opened and add more visual impact in the small space.

Roller shades

Roller shades are very compact and fit inside the window frame, so they're good for the smallest of spaces. Choose a fabric shade for softness and a light-blocking variety for when you want the most privacy in a room. You can even find patterned fabric for when you want more style in the space. If you have children in the home, choose a style with a track inside the window that keeps the shades in place so you don't need to worry about children pulling on them and tearing down the shade itself.