The Advantages of Shutters for a Room's Window Treatments

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The Advantages of Shutters for a Room's Window Treatments

28 March 2017
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A room's window treatments are usually more important than you realize; since they control the amount of sunlight in a room, they can ensure that the space seems bright and inviting, or they can get in the way of that light and make a space seem dim and dull. Some window treatments may also easily overwhelm and overpower a space and even get in the way of foot traffic, and also clash with your furniture and accessories. Since window treatments are so important for a space and often difficult to choose, note a few reasons why shutters can be the best choice for any room of your home.

Changing the look

Once you buy curtains or roller shades for a room, you are stuck with that look and can't change it. This can be bothersome when you want to repaint the walls or buy new furniture in a different colour or fabric design. However, wood shutters can be painted any colour and, if you're handy with painting tools, can have designs or patterns added to the surface as well; you might paint a few stripes down the middle to make them look taller or break up the colour, if that's your preference. You can also stain the wood shutters if you prefer, or sand them down and add a shellac or shiny topcoat for the look of natural, rustic wood.


When curtains are torn or get stained, you can sometimes get that area repaired by a tailor or good dry cleaners, but sometimes the tear or stain is too prominent and the curtains are ruined. The same is true with roller shades; a tear or discoloration can sometimes be fixed, but some stains get absorbed by the fabric or tears are too large for fixing. Shutters, however, can be fixed with wood putty, sanding, and repainting. Also, if one slat is broken or beyond repair, you can easily cut a new slat and replace the old, damaged one. This makes shutters a more durable choice and one with more longevity than other window treatments.

Compact design

Shutters are very compact and fit in any space, and don't get in the way of foot traffic if you opt for piano hinges, which allow the shutters to lie flat against the wall next to them. You can also opt for half shutters, which come in four sections; the side-by-side panels are separated into top and bottom panels, so you can open just the top or bottom part, allowing for more control of the sun coming through the windows, something you can't typically do with curtains or roller shades.