Mirror-Fronted Wardrobe Doors vs. Interior Wardrobe Mirrors: A Quick Look at the Benefits of Each

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Mirror-Fronted Wardrobe Doors vs. Interior Wardrobe Mirrors: A Quick Look at the Benefits of Each

12 April 2017
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No bedroom is really complete without a full-length mirror. Whether you need to quickly check your hair before going out to work or examine your whole outfit before going out on a date, it only makes sense to have a long mirror available right where you tend to get dressed. One of the best places to put that mirror is the wardrobe. As well as ensuring that you can see yourself right where you pick out your clothes, wardrobes are perfectly sized to take a full-length mirror.

Of course, you'll still need to decide whether you want mirrored glass along the outside of the doors or a separate mirror fitted inside one or two of the doors. There really is no right decision, but you can read through the advantages of each wardrobe mirror option to help yourself decide which would suit you best.

Why Should You Use Mirrored Exterior Doors?

One of the major advantages that comes with your wardrobe doors fronted with mirrored glass is enjoying a much greater view. Since each door will have its own mirror, you will have a much greater surface area in which to admire yourself. This is also great because it allows you to move around the room more to catch yourself in different light, and the fact that the front of your doors will be mirrored means that you will be less likely to walk into any areas of shadow.

Using mirror-fronted doors also provides slightly more versatility in terms of door type. You can have doors that slide across instead of open outwards, which can be great in a smaller room. Additionally, having mirrors across such a large section of the room will help it feel more open and inviting.

Why Should You Place Mirrors Inside Your Wardrobe Doors?

Mirror-fronted wardrobe doors certainly come with more than a few benefits, but they also bring some problems that can be solved by concealing the mirrored surface on the interior of a wardrobe door. Perhaps most importantly, it will be a lot harder to damage the mirror when it is concealed. Also, mirrored surfaces can be quite hard to keep clean; you'll have to wipe mirror-fronted doors regularly to keep your bedroom looking its best, but that shouldn't be such a problem with interior mirrors.

Style is another important factor. Without the mirrors visible all the time, you won't need to worry about disrupting the particular style that you've created for your bedroom. You can also get creative and position two mirrors on doors that open in opposite directions; you'll then be able to see what you look like from behind by opening both doors at once.