3 Budget Friendly Ideas For Re-Vamping Your Existing Kitchen Features

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3 Budget Friendly Ideas For Re-Vamping Your Existing Kitchen Features

18 April 2017
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The kitchen is the centrepiece for most Australian homes and one of the rooms you're most likely to host your visitors in. If your kitchen is looking tired and dated, then you may wish that it was a bit more modern and stylish for when you're entertaining. Unfortunately, kitchen renovations are expensive. The average amount spent on a kitchen renovation in Australia is around $17,000. Even a budget renovation won't leave you with much change from $10,000.

Fortunately, it's possible to revamp your kitchen without the expense of a full-scale renovation. The following three ideas can help you to transform your kitchen by utilising the features you already have.

1. Revamp your tapware with electroplating

One of the main features that give away the age and disrepair of your kitchen is the tap ware. Over time, the metal plating can become worn, stained, and dull. Electroplating will have your tapware looking brand new for a fraction of the price of new fittings.

Electroplating describes the process of re-applying a very thin layer of metal to the existing surface. You can choose a high gloss stainless steel finish for a modern look, or opt for a more classic look with brass or copper electroplating.

2. Revamp your tile splash back with tile paint

Nothing dates a kitchen quite like a tired and old-fashioned tiled splash back. While dreary, brown florals and garish geometric designs may have been the height of fashion during the 60s and 70s, they certainly don't enhance or beautify a modern kitchen.

Replacing tiling can be a messy, disruptive, and expensive task. However, you can give your tile splash back a new lease on life by simply painting them with a specialised tile paint which you can buy from most hardware stores or paint outlets. Tile paint is available in a variety of modern colours and is designed to be water and heat resistant.

3. Revamp your cabinetry with a paint job

Another kitchen feature that shows your kitchen's vintage is the built in cabinetry. The tarnished and drab laminate or bright yellow pine cupboards from previous decades not only age your kitchen they also suck up the available light in the room creating a poky and dark feeling.

Painting your kitchen cabinetry can make an enormous difference to your kitchen because it makes up the largest surface area in the room. Pick a light, neutral colour to achieve a more modern look. If your cabinets are pine then a quick sand and thorough clean is all the preparation you'll need. If they're laminate, then you'll need to add a layer of primer before you paint the surface to ensure the paint doesn't peel or flake off.

Transforming your kitchen from drab and old to modern and bright doesn't need to cost a fortune. With these three simple and inexpensive ideas, your kitchen will soon be a place you're proud to host your guests in.