How to Make Your Home's Windows More Secure

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How to Make Your Home's Windows More Secure

22 May 2017
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Although break-ins are not commonplace, the unwelcome reality is that they do happen in all parts of the country. If you have heard of burglaries in your neighbourhood, then it may have caused you to consider your home's security. Among the most important places for your home's security are your windows. Unwarranted access into people's homes is often gained through a window. It is true to say that modern window manufacturers consider security much more these days than they used to, but windows still remain a feature of your home which are susceptible to intruders. What do you need to do to deter professional criminals and casual opportunists alike?

Window Shutters

A huge improvement over blinds or curtains, window shutters don't simply allow you to control the amount of light – and heat – that comes into your home. When they are drawn, shutters provide a physical barrier that is not easy for would-be intruders to overcome. Of course, glazing can be cut or smashed through, but a shutter that sits across your panes is much tougher and resistant to physical damage. Remember that shutters with louvres will still allow you to see out when you want to even if they are locked tightly shut. They also prevent prying eyes from looking into your home to check out where any valuables might be located.

Window Alarms

Individual alarms for windows are able to be used in places where the infra-red detectors used by many burglar alarms won't work. Basically, they offer a contact which sits between the window's frame and the internal wall. If a burglar forces the latch on one of your windows and pulls the window open from the outside, then this contact is broken. When this occurs, the alarm will sound alerting you to the threat of an intruder and scaring most would-be criminals away.

Window Grilles

Some people don't like the look of window grilles because they are a little bit functional, especially when fitted on the exterior of your home's walls. Nevertheless, some stylish window security grilles are now available which look very attractive if you grow a climbing plant, such as a clematis, through them which softens their appearance. This makes them appear much less like security devices and more like a stylish feature of your home's design. Modern materials are also much more in use these days. Many window grilles are made from architecturally pleasing materials, such as aluminium, rather than rather dull iron bars.