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Planning new home

I'm finally moving out of my share house stage and into my own home. It's a great feeling to be a little more grown-up, and I want to able to look around my home and feel proud of having a great looking home. I am using an interior designer, as I spend a lot of time working, and I don't feel like my current furnishings are quite as sophisticated as I'd like for my first solo house. This blog has tips for first home buyers who are looking for ideas on how to decorate their home in a classy and sophisticated way.

How to Install a Security Screen Door

12 August 2016
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Security screen doors can come in various designs and colors. They differ in ways that can offer you additional security and privacy. If you are looking for a door to withstand force, you will want a steel door. However, if you are not in a high risk area and are merely looking to keep the bugs out, you may find that you prefer an aluminum security door. Step One: Measure  Read More …